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Beyond the frame

Sun Dec 2, 2007, 4:03 AM
Observations beyond the frame of the camera

When you shoot beautiful women for a living you tend to look at the world through rose colored Canon L series lenses.  We have all heard of thinking outside the box and for me at times I have to reflect outside the frame of the image.  I get so caught up in my imagery that often I fail to realize even the simplest of observations.  So with no further adieu here are my truths that the road has taught me.

1. People like breasts!  Oh go ahead and laugh but it is true.  Put 10 images up, all magnificent in detail and if one of em has a naked breast by golly that will be the one people notice first and click on to view.   Big breasts, small breasts, fake ones, natural ones, man they dont care just show em a boob and they salivate.  Oh and dont buy into that natural breast are best BS, cause there are guys who live in million dollar mansions bought with the money women spend on getting augmentations.  If you ever watched Dr 90210 it will make you gag from our insecurities of our bodies and in particular our breasts.  Dont believe me?  Go ahead and post ten pics of yourself (if your'e a woman lol), 9 with clothes on and 1 with your breasts exposed and see which one has the most hits.  

2.  Get a deposit.  Nothing cuts through the mustard faster then when someone puts hard earned cash down on an appointment.  I can count on 1 finger the number of cancellations I have had when someone put a deposit down on their appointment.  There is a reason why hotels require a credit card and airlines have a non cancellation policy.  Then again notice the rate of no-shows or late cancels with a TFP (time for print) arrangement.  One's point of view changes dramatically when your money is on the line.  Why does the phrase money talks and BS walks suddently enter my mind?

3.  Beautiful women need love too.  Most models I have worked with are very insecure.  You would think they would be this bubble of confidence but that is actually the rarity.  Whether they were an ugly duckling as a child or never had their parents show them the love they so desperately wanted, these girls need stroking today.  My heart goes out to them for being these delicate beautiful flowers that need the bees to show them the attention they crave.  God's cruelest joke on all of us is that our youth and beauty is wasted before we can truly appreciate it.  Looking in the mirror today and seeing the lines that time has wrought, it is a grim reminder of how quickly time passes.  I get it today, I didnt yesterday and that is why I always tell girls how beautiful they truly are.  As a side note why do you lose hair on the top of your head and yet it starts to grow on your ears as you age?  God will have some explaining to do on that one, lol!

4.  If you are in it for the money you will burn out quickly.  If there isnt passion in anything you do it is temporary at best.  I once heard a wise man tell me that if you find what you are passionate about you will find success.  For me, photography is my soul and each month that I struggle to pay the bills I am reminded so vividly of why I persue this vocation.  That anyone out there appreciates what I create is a bonus but not why I do this.  Every picture in my port is a seperate story unto itself.  A relationship between two people creating one image that will always stand for a moment in time that others can share in.  These collaborations are truly gifts given with the hope that the viewers will enjoy them for perhaps an eternity.  Let me know when you find something that is as rewarding as that?

5.  Tears cut deeper then knives.  I would rather a woman hit me then cry in front of me.  Knowing that I have made anyone cry is my greatest sin and one which I strive to remedy everyday after.  Ever notice someone in public crying?  Look around and see how others react to them.  They try and act like they dont see them.  Come on we have all been there.  When was the last time you cried?  I mean the deep sobbing kind.  The kind where you hardly can catch your breath.  So you know what they are going through.  How hard is it to go up to them and say its ok, and give them a hug.  Screw the fact that you may not know them what harm does it do to show you care?  How much better would the world be if we just showed some compassion to our fellow man.

6.  Everyone is Rambo on the internet and behind the wheel of a car.  Why is it that everyone is a tuff guy when they are behind the protective confines of their car or their computer.  Little old ladies flipping you off when they pass you on the highway or 105 pound models telling you they will kick yo butt in a chat room is really kind of comical.  I mean think about it.  When was the last time someone bumped into you walking on the street and said watch where you are going asshole!  The reality is there is a lot of pent up frustrations going on and these safe environments allow people to say what they really think without the consequence of actually having to back it up.  

7.  Do an act of kindness a day.  The other day my mom was going through a toll booth when the attendant told her the guy in the car in front of her had paid her fee as an act of kindness towards someone they didnt even know.  How cool was that?  I thought to myself how much better the world would be if each of us did something like that for others?  So today when you go out, try and do something along those lines for another person and see how rewarding the day will be for you.  Pass it forward and you never will regret yesterday.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and if you liked them feel free to pass them forward to others and perhaps tomorrow will be better for all of us.

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